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For me, it is very important that patients with chronic gastrointestinal complaints also undergo at least basic medical examinations, including imaging procedures (at least abdominal sonography) and endoscopic examinations with sampling for histological examination (gastroscopy, colonoscopy and possibly other examinations depending on the clinical symptoms).

I always ask my patients about this and, if it has not been done, I also suggest an appropriate diagnosis. Often there are still gaps to be filled in the diagnosis. And these examinations are important and, together with other diagnostic methods, give a better picture of the causes of your possible complaints and then also lead to a more precise and individualized therapy.

I will be happy to advise you on this and I will take a detailed initial medical history with you. Here I go into detail about your complaints and look at all your preliminary documents, so that we can then determine the further procedure together and effectively work on improving your health.

My areas of treatment are among others: