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After the appointment is made, an initial medical history is taken. For this I take extensive time (at least 30-60 minutes) to understand your medical conditions and your history. I also ask you to bring any previous documents that you consider relevant to the initial anamnesis. The initial history is usually done in person, but can be held as a video appointment if desired. In this case, it would be useful to send the relevant preliminary documents by e-mail ahead of our appointment.

After the initial anamnesis, the diagnostics will take place (blood sampling, practice examinations, measurements, etc.). You will receive a cost explanation and full transparency.

In the further course, 1-2 consultation appointments will take place. As a rule, follow-up examinations take place every 3 months initially and, if necessary, every 6 months during the course of the treatment. Depending on the clinical picture, however, this is variable, and regular telephone appointments or short-notice consultations in case of problems are possible.