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We regularly test our patients for food allergies if there is any appropriate indication. If food allergies become apparent, it is necessary to avoid these foods at least temporarily. We test food allergies of the immediate-type (= IgE type, symptoms after 30-60 minutes) and of the delayed-type (IgG type, symptoms after 48-72 hours). Food allergies of the delayed-type are often a result of another problem in the gastrointestinal tract, which makes a further investigation of the cause necessary. The allergies of the immediate-type are often associated with inhalation allergies (e.g. grasses, pollen, animal hair, etc.), which means that in this case a treatment of the immune system is also very useful (e.g. with a microimmunotherapy, a naturopathic hyposensitization with Vitorgan preparations, and similiar therapy options). Furthermore, in the case of type 1 allergies, one should also consider a possible parasitosis, which is mostly undetected as it is rarely in the mind of a conventional medicine physician. The diagnosis of this condition is difficult. In any case, there are ways and possibilities beyond the conventional medicine to address this condition adequately and to also offer treatment.