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Ozone high dose therapy (OHT) by Lahodny

The number of complex symptoms is increasing massively, as well as the age of those affected. This leads to severe restrictions in the quality of life. This is what I regularly experience in my practice and this is also what holistic colleagues report. The reason for this is difficult to answer and everyone should make up their own mind.

As a therapist, you have to face these conditions and adapt and expand your therapy , which we have done. From now on we provide the ozone high dose therapy by Lahodny. A therapy that can lead to a significant improvement for many symptoms and diseases.

Hochdosisozontherapie OHT

Mr. Dr. Lahodny calls the therapy a gamechanger. The core effects briefly summarized: massive improvement of cell respiration or mitochondrial function, strong antimicrobial properties against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites and a pronounced stem cell stimulation, which stimulates self-healing.

We have purchased the device from the company HAB Gerätebau, leader on the market, and are pleased that we could start the therapy in December 2022.

What is the effect of high-dose ozone therapy according to Lahodny (OHT)?

Every human body is endowed with a huge potential of stem cells and thus has the ability to literally repair itself if it succeeds in activating the stem cells.

The OHT does exactly this. OHT activates the body’s stem cells and improves the function of the cell’s power plants, the mitochondria. This leads to an improvement in “cellular respiration”, an increase in performance due to optimized cellular energy production, and thus to the treatment of disorders caused by reduced mitochondrial function.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is the cause of almost all chronic diseases. Ozone therapy also improves blood circulation in organs and tissues and brings oxygen into the system. This has a very positive effect on the body. The therapy is characterized by a rapid onset of action.

The actual healing is achieved by stem cell activation. Ozone gives the order to all stem cells to repair diseased areas of the body. In addition to repair, even a single OHT activates an immediate and complete detoxification of unbound toxins in the body.

With the Ozone High Dose Therapy, Dr. Lahodny has created a completely new treatment possibility with unimaginable therapy successes. This has the potential to revolutionize the medical world.

How does the ozone high dose therapy work?

In the ozone high dose therapy (OHT) by Lahodny, up to 2 dl of blood is taken from the arm vein in a closed system, mixed with ozone and oxygen, shaken and infused back into the patient. This procedure is repeated 10 times in the same session.

Children, patients with fragile veins and people with special therapy indications, an OHT by means of intestinal insufflation (= intestinal gassing) is performed instead (or even in addition).

VIDEO: Ozone therapy with the Hyper Medozon comfort (in German)

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Video ozone therapy

Indication / contraindications of OHT


Preventive, and in practically every acute as well as chronic disease. A very strong indication with predominantly positive results is shown in post covid and post vac syndrome, fatigue, CFS, high pathogen load (viral, fungal, bacterial etc.) and many other chronic complaints.

No success can be achieved in polyneuropathy, in tinnitus, as well as in a hearing loss that occurred more than 8 hours ago.


As with any treatment, there are contraindications. We will talk about these beforehand and you will be informed in detail.

We will be happy to inform you if you have any further questions or need more information. On a personal note I’d like to say that this new form of therapy did greatly expand my range of treatments, as it can help many people to improve their conditions.