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Information for patients of the statutory health insurance:

Unfortunately, I cannot bill the statutory health insurance companies. However, you have the option of being treated by me as a self-pay patient (private patient). In this case, you will receive an invoice from me for your treatment, which can usually be claimed for tax purposes. The costs of my treatment are based on the statutory scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ). Nevertheless, there is often uncertainty about the costs involved. When booking an appointment via Doctolib, you will receive our contract documents with the corresponding conditions. Take your time to look through them. A booked appointment can be cancelled up to 2 working days before the appointment. In addition to the treatment costs, there are usually laboratory tests that have to be paid for, as well as the prescription of micronutrients and medicines. As a self-pay patient you always have the possibility to set a cost limit before each treatment. Should a treatment be more expensive, I will inform you in advance. This way you always have full cost control. Please contact me without obligation.

Private Health Insurance:

Private insurance companies usually cover the costs or at least part of them. Of course, no guarantee can be given by us that they do. Please clarify with your insurance in advance.