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We offer 13-C breath tests with urea, octanoate and methionine. With these tests you can detect the success after an eradication therapy of Helicobacter pylori (urea), the gastric emptying (octanoate) as well as a mitochondrial dysfunction of the liver (methionine). Especially the last mentioned test is very interesting from a holistic point of view, because nowadays about 9 out of 10 people have a sluggish liver or a liver with impaired performance in spite of standard liver values (e.g. GOT, GPT, AP, bilirubin). This can be a result of a high-fat diet over many years, environmental toxins or medications, or chronic viral infections. In most cases, there are several causes that, in combination, eventually lead to a conventional medicine manifested disease. This leads to a variety of symptoms. The liver is the central organ for metabolism and detoxification and also deserves appropriate attention and treatment.