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This subject area is not about acute infectious diseases, such as a flu-like infection, but about chronic infectious diseases, which lead to a chronic restriction of the quality of life and symptoms of varying degrees. Chronic infections (mostly 5-15 co-infections at the same time) are found, in addition to toxin exposure (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) as well as vitamin and trace element deficiencies, in almost every patient who suffers from chronic symptoms.

Unfortunately, the level of knowledge of the medical profession about these agents and their symptoms has increasingly decreased over the last decades. I still remember my medical studies, which were completed in 2001 at the University of Graz. Here, only little attention was paid to infectious diseases and almost no attention was paid to the field of parasitoses. This has even become more pronounced in the course of the following years and has not improved, so that young colleagues have a very reduced knowledge base with regard to chronic infectious diseases.

Likewise, it is always assumed that parasitoses have no relevance in our latitudes. Actually the exact opposite is true! In subgroups under this menu item, I will briefly introduce some pathogens that we often find in patients.